AT&T wants to cut off your landline

killed by AT&T Wireless - ironic, isn't it? You still can't get any service even now!

Here. Great. That’s just great. You know what worked after Hurricane Ike did a Katrina on Galveston and Houston? Not the electricty, not the wireless phones, it was the landlines – that’s because most phonelines are underground now. And they work, fer crissakes! And now Randy and his Dog Pound are hounding the FCC to state a deadline to end landlines. Know why? Money! They can fire a ton of employees no longer needed to maintain landline technology, sell off the copper wires, concentrate on other uses for fiber optics and improve the old bottom line by billions for a couple of years. Until the wireless technology matches or exceeds the service of the landlines, don’t cancel the damn service.

we've been screwed by AT&T so many times, it saves time to do this always

All them years spent at DeVry down the drain, I'm tellin' ya' man!

It’s bad enough Bezos and Jobs wants to kill the paper industry; that’s pretty damn inevitable and we may save a few forests. But to kill off an already working and capable infrastructure because you wanna’ make an extra billion or two and screw your customers and employees even more – you’d think it was 1999 all over again.

Yep, it’s like we’ve heard this song before

how soon we forget, eh?