AppleCare worth the money.

This is a lie. They think Ubuntu is African porn.

You buy a PC or netbook or laptop or one of those bundles from BestBuy and the freakin’ salesman cons you into buying “extra” tech support. Something acts squishy, you bring the item in for repair and the moron at the Geek Squad refuses to look at it and calls security and throws you out of the store. Another reason why Best Buy is dead to me and should be dead to you, too. 99% of all extended warranties and extra tech support are worth less than the ink and paper it’s inkjetted on. If your problem goes off script, boom, you’re shit out of luck. That’s why websites such as this pop up like mushrooms on cow patties.

Unless you buy AppleCare, which means of course, you bought something good and wunnerful and not a piece of crap. But in case the unthinkable occurs, you will be treated decently, someone takes care of your problem and everyone is happier at the end.