Apple is way ahead of the crowd.

After fourteen years, Morgan Stanley follows up its rather dusty Internet Report with something a little more shall we say, au courant, okay? Unimaginatively titled The Mobile Internet Report ,

this 92 page slide presentation spells out that Apple’s mobile strategy with the iTouch and iPhone is three years ahead of everybody else.

This next chart looks like it was prepared for exclusively to bat over heads of the chowderbrains at AT&T:

not that they’d pay attention or care, they’re too busy picking the pockets of their customers, their retirees and anybody else they can glom cash. The report pretty much says Apple is the one that changed the face and business of mobile computing and sees a bright future for the company in years to come.

Personally, if I were Apple, I’d consider the possibility of buying or building it’s own network. You think Verizon is going to act differently than AT&T if Apple switches in 2013? And there is the off chance that Google does take a chance with a VoIP network and succeed.

P.S. Mac Observer is dead to me

Bonus Headline: from Silicon Valley Insider

Morgan Stanley: Apple Is

Going To Rule The Mobile