And speaking of Windows fail screens …

Now comes word that a Borg “security update” for Windows is creating what some are calling a “black screen of death.” This applies to XP, Vista and Win7. So, um, yeah.

FWIW, while Fester keeps going around telling people that “96 out of 100 times, people choose Windows,” his own people know (and will admit) that in the U.S. we’ve got about 10 percent, and since almost zero of that comes from enterprise, this means that in the U.S. consumer space we’ve got about 20 percent.

Now think about that. We’re one company, with five notebook models and about that many desktops (depending on how you count them). We’re up against all of the other PC makers in the world — that’s dozens of companies, with hundreds of models — and the world’s largest software company.

And yet, in the U.S. consumer space, we sell one out of every five machines.

One in five.

Mercedes and BMW each get about 2% of the U.S. auto market. Just saying.

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