Al Gore: Chokehold could raise ocean levels by more than a meter, leaving much of the world under water and without power

Al_Gore_i_An_Inconv_100607o“Have you even thought about how much electricity this thing will use? And for what? A stunt? These phones run on batteries, Steve. And how do you charge batteries? With electricity. And how do you make electricity? With coal, Steve. Dirty, filthy, polluting coal. I’ve put together a rough estimate of the carbon footprint of this Chokehold thing and I’d like you to take a look at it. Now if you’ll just call up the link that I just sent you and look through a few hundred PowerPoint slides with me, I’ll try to walk you through the implications of what you’re doing. You see how the line goes way way way way way up at the right hand side? Like, so high that it goes all the way up the wall and you need a crane to lift me up so I can point to the tippy toe top of it? That’s what you’re doing, Steve. Now let’s click to the next slide and let’s look at some pictures of melting glaciers and polar bears desperately swimming for their lives, shall we? Steve? Steve? Are you there?”