TSA gets its Christmas wish after all!

eight year old receiving a government approved anal & scrotum probe

The lesson of recent events in Detroit is that air travel is going to continue to get even suckier unless you charter or own a plane. According to this creepy super patriot techie/medical doc, eight year olds are no longer off the table and that includes their cherry little assholes and tiny widdle scrotums.( ‘scuse me while I vomit profusely. Phew, now I know how Kate Moss feels, except without the heroin.) Obviously perverts of every type will flock for gainful minimum wage employment at the TSA – it’s almost a dream job cum true? – while the dumb ass terrorists change their tactics, perhaps put LSD in the Dominos pizza supply chain just before the next big sporting event – now that sounds like progress – if you ask me, the terrorists have unintentionally won the lottery by making what used be a mere annoyance for air travellers into what now will come to be viewed as a truly pain in the ass process.

UPDATE: Fortune City is dead to me