Google Dodges Microsoft

I honestly don't know who the fuck he is or what he does

Ha, I made a pun, see? You don’t? Well, read on, ‘tards:

The circle jerkers blogosphere is all agog over Dan Dodge, ex-Microsoft employee who signed up with Google faster than you can say ,”Fester is a fat fucking flatulent freak who should be defenestrated out his own freaking fucking office windows!”, (didja’ catch the pun this time? No? What’s with you people, overloaded on turkey and booze?) especially his recent interview whereupon he compares Microsoft ’09 with IBM Classic, circa 1985.

If you really care about what this fossil who used to work on AltaVista, fer crissakes, thinks, check out his blog here, every other techie is eating up right now so just add to his blog hits, I don’t care, I’m gonna’ go the kitchen now and make a ham sandwich. May be I’ll try turkey, eh, I’ll have both. Wait, I’m not posting on Facebook? Really? Shit!