White House posts party crashers photo to its Flickr site

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last few days, the big stories are Black Friday, Tiger Woods, and that pair of reality tards who snuck into the White House.  Even though the White House is embarrassed at this screw-up, they’ve helpfully posted the photos on their official Flickr page.  Money quote from the woman’s Facebook page: “I hope you will join me at the next featured event I support or endorse in the Washington DC region.”  Like she’ll be able to do that from the slammer.  And check these photos.  Aren’t those the Marines who are supposed to be, um, safeguarding the President from tards like this?  And Joe, wipe that sloppy used car salesman grin off your face.  Meanwhile, check Katie Couric here.  She’s thinking, “Who is this pale, thin person?” (Memo to the Dynamic Duo- I’d call home if I were you, as the Secret Service would very much like a moment.)13341_183864406877_101907941877_2806771_3673961_n13341_183864396877_101907941877_2806770_8073486_n