Whingeing Aussie says big bad Apple is killing his company, wah!

crying babySome guy in Austria was making a software program called iPodRip. We told him to change the name, because it violated our legal rights and basically he was stealing from us. So he changed the name to iRip. But now he’s all worked up into a lather and heĀ says that nobody will be able to find his program anymore because everybody knows it as iPodRip and now all his word of mouth marketing is worth nothing and all the work they’ve done to get a good ranking on Google or whatever is also out the window and maybe he’s going to go out of business, wah.

But look. Is this my fault? I mean, let’s say you were making a good living robbing banks, or breaking into houses, and then the police made you stop, so you had to go get a job at McDonald’s. Would you go around complaining that now you were making less money and it was all the fault of the police?

QED, Austria dude. Go put your shrimp on a barbie.