Wednesday’s FSJ News Wrap

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to. From the FSJ News Center: A look at the evolution of CNET UK proudly proclaims the iPhone to be the worst phone in the world..something to do with ninjas. Layoffs at Microsoft.  Apple promoting music + movies.  Mozilla says Firefox 3.6 is on schedule.  A new gizmo that tweets. That’s all it does.
Baby, you can drive my car- with your iPhone.  (Life)

MSN has received a much-publicized facelift. Here’s what the page has looked like over time. (MSN Blog)

Verizon doubling early termination charge.  (Yahoo! Tech)

CNET UK does not have a high opinion of the iPhone’s phone quality. Key quote to look for- “The tiny speaker has to be aligned with your ear canal with the accuracy of a laser-guided ninja doing cataract surgery.” You have to admit, that is clever.  (CNET UK)

Layoffs at Microsoft, says Todd Bishop. (TechFlash)

As time goes by: President Obama’s top BlackBerry moments. (Huffington Post)

The forgotten co-founders of tech. (Ronald Wayne, anyone?) (Business Insider)

Meet the fellow who thinks different and named the iMac.  (He also adds that at times, El Jobso “freaks out.”)  Bonus quote: “Apple-  it’s about changing the world. For everyone else, it’s about the money.”  (Cult Of Mac)

Remember the story we mentioned about a site selling Beatles tunes online?  EMI read that story, too.  (Wired) (Suit details here, requires PDF reader)

Apple planning a music + movie push on iTunes.  (iLounge)

Texas woman sues Facebook for privacy violations. (Fox News)

Mozilla promises the latest Firefox before the end of 2009.  (CNET News)

Apple App Store: Over 100,000 served. (The iPhone Blog)

Scared of flying? Well, grip your iPhone tight and punch the iPanic button. Or something. Sir Richard Branson launches his very own app. (Yahoo! News)

PayPal could soon overshadow parent eBay.  (USA Today)

Google News adds new customization feature. Pretty handy.  (Search Engine Land)

Here’s a new gizmo that tweets. No email, no phone. It…just…tweets. (Say like William Shatner for the full effect.)  (Crave/CNET News)