This guy says he invented "Think Different" and came up with the name "iMac" — next he’ll say he invented the iPod and the iPhone, too

It’s amazing, the nerve of these ad guys. This one is named Ken Segall and yes, he worked for us for a while, and now he’s going around claiming that he invented our slogan, “Think Different,” and that he invented the name “iMac.” To make it spicier, he tells Cult of Mac that when he first came up with the name iMac, I didn’t like it, and wanted to call the computer something else — something that was so awful that it would “curdle your blood.” Good Lord. What’s next? My guess is he’ll claim I got the idea for the black mock turtleneck from him too. Truth is, I got the BMT ™ from Larry Ellison, who used to rock this look all the time, sometimes in combination with a Caesar haircut.

But I changed BMT a bit by dropping the sport jacket, adding jeans and sneakers, and wearing it every single fucking day of my life. See, that’s the genius. It’s the repetition. That’s why I was able to get a patent on the combination. I even have pajamas in the same combination: blue bottoms, black top, and special sneakers that I only wear at home, like slippers. I know it’s weird. But at this point I’ve been doing it for so long that if I stop dressing this way then it will draw all sorts of crazy attention and speculation, and the bloggers will go nuts with it, and everyone will be wondering if something is wrong, or what does this mean, and on and on and on. So I’m stuck with it. Forever. Well, it’s my cross to bear.