Thanks Everyone!

This Rabid Fanboy would like to give thanks for everything and to everyone this holiday season.

Especially, Dear Leader, both real and imaginary, for the love and encouragement;

Designer Tina Chen (I loved your work in Alice’s Restaurant and Hawaii Five-O );

Grunts Dante Araujo and Tom Pimental for putting this together seamlessly (BTW, Brinke and I need to know why we’re having nervous breakdowns trying to embed video in our postings, I’ve tried putting little marshmallows and a cinnamon stick in my rum-soaked hot cocoa, it seems to calm me down a bit but I’m nowhere near solving my dilemma, will acid give me a new perspective or maybe I should switch to ecstasy?);

All the other commenters and contributors, including faddah, name and the haiku writer and the rest, who turned blog commenting from a mere national pasttime into a full head-on contact sport. Keep this up, and we may receive recognition as a competitive event from IOCC. Fingers crossed.

My Fair Lady, for sticking by me when the other one bolted lasted year. (We need to get a new other one in our Christmas stocking this year sweety, preferably more “bosomy”, ‘kay?);

And the Universe for astounding me each and every day when I think it all can’t get more fucked up that it is – then – BOOM! – there it is – another Gordian knot to solve – thanks for never being boring.

For all those people girding their loins for Black Friday, a little reminder of what the holiday season is all about from our now ancient but beloved friend in Santa Cruz, CA.

We raise a Jello-shot in your honor, sir!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!