Some guys from Israel have developed yet another smartphone that claims to be an iPhone killer, but isn’t

else-main-11242009Company is called Else, and used to be called Emblaze, but frankly I think they should be called Embarrassed. Because that’s what you’re going to be if you whip out one of these butt-ugly phones hoping to impress people. Engadget gives them a glowing writeup, which should be the first warning that this thing is gonna be a dud. From what I can see, the phone, which is called First Else (catchy!), looks like a Droid with a fan-shaped menu structure. Little advice on fan-shaped menus — been there, done that, and nobody likes them. Nor do people like learning a whole new way of doing everything. There’s a reason we use names like “Address Book” and “Calendar” and “Photo Album.” People want to pick up a new device and know how to use it. They want it to work like all the other stuff in their life. They don’t want some gadget that just fell from outer space. But hey, knock yourself out.

Namaste to Karl in Sweden for the tip.