Shit some guy’s dad says

Dear reader Mike sent along this email from his dad, whose company is ripping out Exchange and moving to Google mail. Apparently the Google engineers were talking shit about Apple. Says Dad:

Also  — we just cut over to Google as our enterprise-wide email system.  Everything is cool, but they (Google) have yet to sync in both directions the calendar features with everyone’s BlackBerry.  Also have a team working on possibly abandoning Microsoft software altogether and going to Google   —  but also investigating Windows 7.  We have some Google techs here today during cut-over and they told me how difficult it is to integrate any Apple hardware to an enterprise system.  Each piece of hardware (iPhone, Apple computer, etc) must be maintained individually and won’t accept the software allowing remote access from a central location for upgrades, work, etc.  They really like the new Droid phone from Motorola and say it is the best on the market right now.  Equivalent to and much better in some respects to any BB device.  Very different than the iPhone but much more business-friendly.

It was bad enough when we had the Borg out there spreading FUD about us constantly. Now we’ve got the New Borg doing it too.