Negroponte claims credit for “netbook revolution”

In a refute to this publication’s story of where the OLPC project went wrong,  founder Nicholas Negroponte lashes out like a wounded schoolboy after getting his ass kicked by a fat freckled female classmate.

Money quote: You can thank us for the downward price pressure on the laptop industry, not to mention the fact that OLPC is the birthplace of the netbook, soon to be 30% of the world market.

Yes, no thanks to you Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Actually, this reminds of something. Back in the eighties, after he quit Wings and saw his popularity drop off the face of the earth, Denny Laine used to go around saying he invented ELO, not Jeff Lynne & Roy Wood. True, Denny did quit the Moody Blues in 1966 to start a live pop band that had amplified strings and rock instruments playing onstage at once, but nobody was interested ‘cos that version kinda’ sucked (some defenders claimed he was merely ahead of his time) . And nobody bought their records. Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood figured out how to do that, then Roy left to create something even weirder, and Jeff kept taking ELO  to the next level and getting better each time and eventually made a gazillion dollars. Meanwhile, Denny makes and loses his Wings fortune, and tries to get people to pay attention to him. Sad, really.