Much love, Mozy

Our good friends at Mozy (our blog’s fabulous sponsor) did some research about Snow Leopard adoption and found out that 30% of their Mac customers switched to Snow Leopard within a month of its release. Mozy made an effort to be ready for Snow Leopard, mostly because its techies are such huge Apple maniacs and they realized how amazing Snow Leopard was going to be: “Our engineers were so excited about the new operating system that they had Mozy ready to support Snow Leopard before it was officially released. With Snow Leopard, Mozy can run faster and use less memory, meaning a quicker and more enjoyable backup experience for our users.”

Friends, I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: If you haven’t checked out Mozy, you really should. Even if you’re using Time Machine, you need a remote backup. You get 2 gigs at no cost, so you can kick the tires and check it out, with no commitment and no hassles. For five bucks a month you can have unlimited storage as a home user. Honestly, it’s great stuff. Besides, you’re a Mac user. You’re not worrying about the money. And these are great guys. They’re our friends. So check them out. Bokay?