“Mr. iFart” appeals to Steve Jobs

So it seems that a Mr. Joel Comm is an entrepeneur of some note. He created the top-selling app for last Christmas, the ubiquitous “iFart Mobile.”  (Link opens iTunes.)  He wrote Steve Jobs a letter wondering why his latest app, nothing more than a green button that makes a cash register “ka-ching” noise, was rejected.  Something about minimal user functionality, mwah mwah mwah.  He has a YouTube video plea posted in order to take his case to the masses.  Here’s the prime suck-up quote, designed to flatter El Jobso.  Oh, and Joel?  It was “CEO of the Decade.”

I have a great respect for Steve Jobs and absolutely love Apple products. So with only the greatest admiration for Mr. Jobs and what he has accomplished, I offer the following video as a public appeal to Steve Jobs, Fortune Magazine’s “Man of the Decade.”