Limit one per customer, please!

(And thanks to Lastangelman, I cannot get Steely Dan out of my head.)

They’re decking the halls malls even as we speak.  Tards lining up everywhere to get netbooks for like ten dollars or something.  One of my favorite websites is Google Trends, and as you can see, shopping is en fuego.  But look at this poor Michigan dude here.  Does he look like he’s having fun outside the Big Yellow & Blue Store?  Look at his longing gaze.  He’s thinking, “They’re inside, and I’m not.  All the employees in their royal blue shirts.  Why can’t I be inside, too?”  He got up at 2am or whenever, just to get snowed on?  Hope you got that electronic pocket “Whack-A-Mole” game for 99 Sigh.