Keep your cash, Black Friday

Don’t buy a Kindle, don’t buy a Nook, don’t buy a netbook  – wait – the magic will happen next year – and the wait will have been worth it – why blow your holiday wad on junk, when the kul stuff is just around the corner? And if you can’t afford the Holy tablet (good, you don’t deserve it, do you?), get the friggin’ Chrome netbook. It’s time to let the air out of Ballmer’s tires now, doncha’ think?

Money quote: I’ve got a Dell Mini 9 that I never use because its keyboard is less comfortable than the touch-screen pad on my iPhone.

Next year, Farhad, your wish will come true, have faith!

The rest of you, we know money’s tight and you can’t wait ’til next year, so it’s MacMinis and Nanos for those stockings. And isn’t it time you got Apple TV for your living room?