Google shows off Chrome OS

Yesterday, SJVN, as well as several other Linux crusaders, gave a blow by blow recap of the Chrome dog and pony show. Big surprise is Canonical partnered with Google on this project. No truth to rumor Ubuntu is going to be another Linux distro fading into the sunset. What it boils down to is that Chrome is going to be hardware specific, will be geared towards netbooks , can run RealPlayer and Adobe Flash, boots up immediately, not two minutes later, uses Chrome browser, duh, is open source, duh, again, and all apps will be in the cloud. Biggest drawback: it won’t be ready until late next year. By that time, Apple will have debuted its holy tablet, OEMs will be pushing their netbooks with Windows 7 Retarded Edition and Ubuntu Rabid Rhinoceros … feh, who cares? Chrome is supposed to be the lead pipe that OEMs have been waiting  to finally use from getting strong armed by Microsoft time and again.  Unless the hardware surrounding Chrome is cool, and the marketing campaign compels people to buy into a Google Chrome netbook, the only people that are gonna have a kickass year in the netbook niche is gonna be Apple. Then again, it took Microsoft about three or four attempts to get Windows good enough that OEMs, consumers and businesspeople bought into it.  Chrome could very well snag the same crowd that bought Windows in first place.