FSJ Weekend Update 2.0

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to.  From the FSJ News Center:  YouTube was 404, caused kerfuffle.  Mozilla releases the first beta of Firefox 3.6.  Yahoo!’s Chief Yodeler signs off.  What’s next for 2009’s big gadgets?  Google says they are not making Android hardware.  Seinfeld back with a Mac…not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Classic Yahoo! page gets retired on the 11th.

YouTube was down, now isn’t.  Claimed “maintenance.”  Arrington is skeptical.  (TechCrunch)

Remember how Jerry Seinfeld had a old Mac in his apartment, and you never saw it on?  He’s back on the Mac, and this time it looks like he’s using it.  Bet he didn’t get $10 million for it.

Chief Yodeler Nicki Dugan leaves Yahoo!  A tribute from Kara.  (All Things Digital/Boomtown)

You may not know you can still access the old Yahoo! page. There’s now a banner on top of that page indicating it gets retired on November 11.  (Yahoo!)

Mozilla releases the latest beta version of Firefox.  (CNET News)

What’s next for the biggest gadgets of this year?  (CrunchGear)

Google says they are not in the phone-making business.  (CNET News)

Apple’s 27″ big screen iMac.  A whole lot to love there.  (Apple Insider)

Wanna see the new Facebook offices?  Sure you do.  Envy-city.  (ShelterPop)

Look what an Apple store gave away last night for Halloween.  None of them on eBay yet.  Nuts.  (iPhone Savior)

Here’s a wrap of Halloween logos from around the Web. (Search Engine Land)