Edward the vampire has never heard of Bing

The moment where he asks, “What’s Bing?” comes right at the end, so sadly you have to sit through 2 minutes of Ryan Seacrest (Windows user) asking dumb questions. The one question Ryan doesn’t ask is the one I’ve wanted to know since I first read the first Twilight book and got hooked on the series: Who the hell thought that “Edward” would be a good name for a vampire? It’s not even scary. I mean there are certain names that work well for vampires. Vladimir, for example. Barnabas. Lestat. But Edward? No. Just wrong. Otherwise, I must admit that Twilight is perfect in every way. I’ve already booked a private showing at a local cineplex tomorrow night. New Moon! Good Lord! Have you seen the trailer? I’m tingling all over. It’s all I can think about.