Dear Verizon: This is not funny

Oh, Verizon, I bet you think you’re real cute right now. Running an ad about the Island of Misfit Toys, and saying iPhone belongs there because of the crappy AT&T network. Worse yet, you’ve baited the idiots at AT&T into filing a lawsuit to stop the ads, as John Paschzhshqkchwowski reports on AllThingsD.

We told AT&T not to do this. We told them, Don’t take the bait. Let’s say you can force Verizon to take down the ad. By then everyone will have seen it — thanks to you. And everyone who saw it will talk about it, especially now that you’ve made it a news item by filing a lawsuit.

So all of their friends who never even saw the ad now will go around with this idea planted in their head that the iPhone is cool but the network sucks. The ad gets taken down, and Verizon walks away, laughing.

Do you guys really not get this?

Also, do you really think it helps your image to file a lawsuit that contains references to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and the Abominable Snow Monster?

Oh, the blogs will have a blast with this one. Hell, if Verizon can find a way to put this into a press release, it might even end up in the New York Times.

My head hurts.

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