Black Hole created for desktop

               its pretty - hey, whered my slide rule go?

it's pretty - hey, where'd my slide rule go?

That figures. All time and money and resources built to create Large Hadron Collider and two geeks in Indiana propose how to build a mini black hole on the desktop, and then the Chinese go ahead and do it. AAAAAAAAAaaaand we’re still here. Practical aspects? Well, you could use a mini black hole as a source of converting light into energy – your laptop or mobile device could store energy in daytime for nighttime use (unless you live in the polar regions, where it’s night half the year and what the fuck are you doing living at the polar regions with a laptop and a cell phone, are gonna hook up with a walrus or a penguin, Nanook?). You could use such a collection of “batteries”

  I gotta get me one of those!

I gotta get me one of those!

to run a gas guzzler the size of a Sherman tank. You could probably in fact put

   you like havin that in your backyard?

you like havin' that in your backyard?

the power company and

  refineries smell like god awful hell

refineries smell like god awful hell

the oil business into

the where are they now category by the end of the century.