Best Buy hits a nerve

Seems that the Big Blue & Yellow Store decided to run an ad promoting Black Friday.  Fine so far, everyone does it.  But..they decided to wish “Happy Eid al-Adha” as well as “Happy Thanksgiving.”  And the Best Buy shoppers…are not pleased.  Want a sample?

“Among my major purchases from BB over the years were a plasma big screen, a fridge and a laptop. No more. In 2006 you discontinued the use of ‘ Merry Christmas’ in your “holiday” messages.  Yet one of your ad inserts wishes your customers a happy “Eid al-Adha” ( a Muslim goat throat slitting festivity) . Clearly the liberal/ PC culture in your corporate offices is biased against Christians and traditional American values. So, in 2009 I discontinue Best Buy. Good riddance.”

Hello A m a z o n

– A proud patriotic Christian American.