Apple TV spots make Microsoft look “like a buffoon”

So says this piece right here.  Let’s be clear.  Microsoft does make fine products.  To say otherwise is just not being realistic.  Much of what they have created has fundamentally changed the way we  conduct our lives.  The quote, though, is on the money.  Apple does a lot really well, too.  And what Apple does better than anyone in tech..and it’s not close…is create a mystique.  (See Jobs, Steve.)  Apple is cool, Windows is not.

Money quote that supports this theory: “Ballmer is tacitly admitting that, all things considered, yeah, Microsoft looks like a bunch of idiots but that doesn’t matter because they’ve got more customers than anyone else.”

The generation coming up sees gleaming cathedrals Apple Stores with pristine iMacs.  They also wander into the mall and see dancing,  in a seemingly spontaneous choreographed attempt at being “edgy.”  It starts at the top.  El Jobso wears black turtlenecks, Ballmer sweats.    And if you want to dress like Dear Leader, check this handy link.ballmer-perspiratus