Apple God Gruber may or may not be the kingmaker of iPhone apps world

John GruberThus spake some guy who created an iPhone app and paid blew somehow got Gruber to write about it on his blog. This prompted a ferocious one-day spike in sales for the craplet, but that was it.

From the developer: “People assumed that with his review, we had joined the ranks of the rare but highly publicized few who had wildly succeeded in the App Store. Not so! We’re still working very hard every day to achieve even mild (let alone wild) success. It’s a tough market. We’ve made some mistakes. John Gruber’s endorsement alone was not enough.”

Question: What kind of fuckwits believe that getting written up on a blog means you’re now going to be an instant millionaire? Get a fucking grip, people. The guy makes an app that lets you take notes on your iPhone. Which is nice enough, but not exactly dent-the-universe kind of stuff, is it?

Then again, once the developer bitched about Gruber’s lack of influence, the story got picked up by Business Insider last night. If anyone can drive sales, it’s those guys.