Another Win 7 Ad on Family Guy last night

It was a blink and you missed it moment, I think it was supposed to be some lame attempt at subliminal advertising, like that routine Kevin Nealon used to do on SNL, except it was even less funnier and left the viewer confused.

“What, what, I don’t get it … was that like part of the show? What, a commercial? What were they selling? Online porn? Oh, good, that’s the Family Guy demographic and I likes online porn! Where do I go online to get it? Is it over? Now what? Okay, I’m hungry. Now I gotta’ poop!”

Anyway some cupcake named David the Parrot waffles on about this thing on his Borg Blog, where you can watch some lame-o Family Guy Win7 clips (not the one I saw last night).

O.K., now I gotta’ poop.