Windows 7 drops tomorrow

Yes, I used this same photo when Vista shipped in 2006. What can I tell you? It captures everything I want to say about the Borg. And the resemblance to Ballmer is so striking it scares me.

Moshe has set up a command center in a suite at the Marriott Marquis (we get a discount) and is already getting G2 back from our operatives embedded in the Microsoft event team in New York. A huge namaste to these brave folks who have endured the horror of walking among the Borgtards and pretending to be one of them. Thanks to these folks, we’re able to gruber some information for you in advance about what the Borg will announce tomorrow:

They’ve already pre-sold 20 million units of Windows 7, in advance of the launch.

Best Buy and HP are going to announce a Win7 promo package: a desktop PC and monitor, a laptop, a netbook and a router — for $1,199. Yes, that’s exactly what our least-expensive iMac costs, all by itself.