What’s in my morning briefing book from Katie

Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad doesn’t exist yet, but it has won an award from Popular Mechanics. It’s on their list of “10 best products of 2009.” They also gave an award to the Palm Pre. And they wonder why nobody reads Popular Mechanics anymore. Except Woz, who says he finds it “fascinating.” Much love to Lost Angel for bringing this to my attention.

Herman Munster of Piper Jaffray says we’re going to blow out our numbers for the September quarter on strong Mac sales and the fact that with iPhone, “demand is outstripping supply.” [Alley Insider.]

The iPhone continues to lay waste to all rivals. Latest victim: Nokia. They lost six points of share in the smartphone market and posted their first quarterly loss in a decade. Sorry about that, you big dumb Swedes. [AllThingsD]

The Wall Street Journal sides with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and against us, saying we’re hurting our shareholders. Dear Wall Street Journal: Eat my sack. [WSJ]

Kai-Fu Lee is going around telling people that I begged him not to go to Microsoft China and to please please please come back to Apple. I have no memory of this conversation. [TechCrunch]

Dell’s Android phone looks like ass, especially when you put it next to an iPhone. [Gizmodo]

Newsweek, thinking wishfully, says the iTablet will save media. Yeah. As if. [Newsweek]