What an Apple job offer looks like

Here are some photos that are guaranteed to give you wet dreams, my little Kool-Aid drinkers. Just FYI, the dude who got this, and who was stupid enough to put it all up online, will not be coming to Apple after all.

I’m really not sure which part of “Do not show this to anyone” didn’t quite get through to this guy. But he went ahead and published photos of his Apple job offer packet, along with a gushing story about we are so cool that even our offer letters are cool. Which is true, and let’s face it, you would not expect anything less from us. But, see, the whole idea of being cool and exclusive is that we try to run Apple like one of those secret societies. If you’re in, that’s cool, but you can’t tell anyone the password to the clubhouse, or teach them the secret handshake. Anyway, since the pix are out, I’ll re-post them here too.