Wednesday’s FSJ News Wrap

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to. Brought to you by Brinke, in the FSJ News Center.
Can you say GTunes?  And are they going to do a phone of their own? The new Magic Mouse means another Snow Leopard upgrade. Amazon UK says Windows 7 is the biggest advance-order item ever. BTW, having a launch party? Gizmodo wants your photos.  Time-Warner cable leaves 65,000 customer routers open to attack.  Bing becoming integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Sun sets on 3,000 employees.  Yahoo! earnings up, but they tell Ogilvy “It’s Not Y!ou.Marissa talks about social search.  A Wired scribe wants some “Nook.”  Wanna see one of the new MacBook Poly’s torn apart?  And finally, since I’m a 007 fan- RIP to Dr. No.  Well done, sir.