Shock: Pogue bashes MacBook Air

Someone call Matt Drudge and have him fire up the spinning siren thing. Pogue can’t stand his MacBook Air anymore.

See, David isn’t just some bootlicker who automatically gushes about everything Apple does. He’s telling it like it is — the fucking MacBook Air can’t even run Word! Aaargh! Katie says she’s a bit confused, since in David’s original review of the MacBook Air he called the machine a “razor-thin slice of heaven,” and said it was “not underpowered by any means: During my day with one of Apple’s display models at the show, I didn’t experience a single hiccup editing video in iMovie, playing nine audio tracks simultaneously in GarageBand, or even conducting a wireless video chat with a friend in Paris.” Well, something has happened since then. It may be that David upgraded to Snow Leopard, our new super-fast operating system, and the performance boost caused some apps to run slower. [ed., wtf?] Anyway, it’s all good, because David knows enough to couch his criticism in the form of a rave about a different Apple product. Other hacks, take note.