Pogue on Win7: It’s not from Apple, but it’s not bad, kinda cool, sorta, whatever, blah blah bla

So, okay, that’s not exactly what he says. But it’s not exactly a rave, either. We’ve condensed it to a summary for you.

Read the full review if you must. If you’re pressed for time, the miniature version goes like this:

It’s not Vista. It’s faster. It nags you less.

Upgrading from XP sucks.

Too many different versions.

Lots of stuff stripped out, even email.

However: it’s “mostly great news,” and “there are some slick, efficient new features for managing windows.”

Taskbar good. Libraries good. Compatibility good. Plug in camera or printer, they probably will work.

Borg not need be embarrassed no more. Except when someone puts their stuff next to Apple stuff. Then, sucks to be working for Borg.

Pogue out.