Pogue can’t wait to use Skype on his iPhone

And he sounds almost gleeful about how much money AT&T is going to lose because of this. What is going on with our loyal pundits these days? Have they all lost their minds?

So Pogue posts a piece raving about AT&T’s decision to allow VOIP apps on their 3G network. Before this you could only use apps like Skype on WiFi. What this means is that now you can make free calls over the 3G network and not use up your AT&T minutes. Great for customers. Not so great for AT&T.


Can you imagine the effect this will have on AT&T’s international-cellphone revenue? It’s about to go from, you know, $2 a minuteā€”to practically zero.

And, as Pogue points out, all this new traffic is probably going to crush AT&T’s network.