PC bigot Joe Wilcox sees right through us

Yes, we rolled out a bunch of sexy new Macs right in front of the Windows 7 launch. Yes, we are a bunch of mean, spiteful bastards. It’s called competition, bitches. Have you heard of it?

Poor Joe. He loves the Borg, and it breaks his wittle heart that crappy cheapo netbooks are cannibalizing sales of expensive PCs and basically ruining the Windows market. And to make things worse, big bad Apple launches a “preemptive strike” against not just Microsoft and Windows 7 but “the entire PC industry.” Yes, Joe says we’ve “declared war on the entire PC industry.”

Really? I thought we were just out here trying to make the best products we could make at the best possible price. I thought we were just trying to compete. If the Borg and its partners are having problems, why blame us? As Joe points out, they’re the ones who have built too many PCs for the fourth quarter and now have stuffed the channel and will be suffering the horrible backwash of bile when those things don’t go flying off the shelves and instead have to be sold off at a loss. Why is their acid reflux somehow Apple’s fault? And what would you have us do? Fold up our tent and leave the market, so the frigtarded Windows OEMs could keep foisting their crap products onto the world?

Here’s Joe’s kicker:

To win, Apple just needs to make more money off lower volumes. Apple doesn’t need to gobble up market share. A few points of share here or there are huge to Apple but losses to Macs have little impact on PC OEMs. It’s an unfair battle in some ways, because the PC industry isn’t fighting Macs but a civil war of Windows old against Windows new. Sadly, netbooks will scorch the earth behind every sale.

Boo fucking hoo, idiots.