News flash: The greentards love us now

Jeez, if I knew it could be this easy, I would have bailed out of the Chamber of Commerce a long time ago. Suddenly the greenies can’t find enough nice things to say about us.

First Greenpeace throws us a big sloppy wet kiss, saying “IBM and Microsoft should think different too.” Then this:

Yesterday the Chamber questioned Steve Jobs’ personal judgement in deciding to leave. Rather than lecturing Steve on innovation, the Chamber should be focussing the innovation needed to reduce emissions and the jobs this will create. In the growing public spat between Apple and the Chamber we are definitely cheering for Steve. But he could do with some more heavyweight support. So which other IT executives are going to match Apple’s bold move? The stakes have never been higher for the climate. Apple’s move will throw an uncomfortable spotlight on any company that stays on in the Chamber but doesn’t act to change its policies.

Not bad considering how much shit they were throwing our way not long ago. Better yet, now the Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, is saying how great we are too. Sadly, if you read that article where Chu is quoted, you’ll see the head of the chamber still talking shit about climate change. It’s pathetic.