My latest guest appearance on Huffington Post

Arianna keeps asking, so I keep delivering. This time I’m explaining what the Tablet is really all about.

By the way, forget about trying to navigate your way through the goddamn HuffPo site to find my article. I mean, I love Arianna (not really) but her site is more confusing than the jungle in Predator. Seriously, they designed this site like a friggin maze.

So anyway, here is my article, which will sound familiar to anyone who read the FSJ blog yesterday, since I basically just kind of “repurposed” my posts on the Tablet. Hey, what do these assholes expect when they don’t pay for content? I’m gonna sit down and write something fresh? Right. Sure. I’ll get back to you on that.

Here’s a sample:

Thing is, at first TV was just radio with a camera. But eventually people came along who invented a new language, a new way of telling stories, one that was unique to the medium.

So far with digital media we’re about where TV was in 1950. We’ve basically just taken stuff from the old worlds of TV and print and ported it to a digital delivery mechanism.

But now we’re at the point where things are going to take off. The Tablet is part of that.

Frankly, there is no point in moving to digital readers if we’re just going to do what we did on paper. That’s why Kindle is such a piece of junk. All Amazon did was pave the cowpath.

And this:

The good news is, we’re heading toward a period of incredible creativity in news and entertainment, with a new medium that is far superior to ink on paper. The bad news, at least from my perspective, is that I’ll be selling a piece of hardware whose success depends on whether the content guys can dream up cool new things to do with this piece of hardware. And, as we’ve already established, most of them are bozos.