I had a really bad day today

Sorry about not blogging but you know those T-shirts that say Don’t let the turkeys get you down? I need one of those. And now I just need to unload a bit.

We’re in a meeting rehearsing our earnings call, and Peter Oppenheimer starts going on about how the Balloon Boy thing was all a hoax, and Phil says no way, the kid just got scared because his old man’s a violent psycho and he figured he was going to get his ass kicked so he went up in the garage and hid out, and then Ron says the whole family are a pack of weirdos and Katie says no shit because did you see that rap video with the three kids in it and the mom playing guitar in a playground –and I’m like Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck is wrong with you people? Can we just focus here? Because you dickwads are making my liver hurt. And then Larry interrupts the meeting, walks in unannounced, dressed in this Halloween costume, which I guess was supposed to be funny.

Anyway, I’m still at the office, just got out of one meeting and I want to go home n the worst way and just watch Curb Your Enthusiasm but I can’t — we still have more fucking meetings. And I’m not feeling great to begin with and I can’t gain weight and they keep making me eat more ice cream and honestly I don’t know what the point of it all is.

But then I tune into this video again and I tell myself, Dude, get some perspective. Lately it’s the only thing that keeps me grounded. Enjoy it. Happy weekend.