Grumbling hack grumbles about our non-response to a non-bug

Dear David Coursey of PC World magazine: Which part of “We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix” do you not understand? And why do we need to tell more than one outlet when you’re all just going to link to the original anyway? Isn’t that what this whole new media revolution all about?

See, the fact is, Borg loving shills like PC World’s David Coursey will make a big deal out of anything. Now the problem is that we were too slow in acknowledging some bug in Snow Leopard that isn’t even a bug at all — it’s an anomaly. There’s a difference. You can look it up.

It’s this whole thing about Snow Leopard eating people’s data, which I can tell you is not actually happening. Ever. Not to a single person. Hasn’t happened. Any statement to the contrary is simply not true. It’s based on false information.

Nevertheless, Coursey can’t resist taking a snarky little swipe at us:

I wonder why it takes so much media coverage (and embarrassment?) to get Apple to own up to a problem. And when it does respond, why just to one news organization? Actually, I know: It is just the customer-friendly Apple way.

Daniel Eran Dilger has been dispatched, with instructions to gut Coursey like a fish.