FSJ Weekend Update: Halloween Edition

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to.  From the FSJ News Center: It’s Halloween, and there’s an app for that. We’ve got iPumpkins and Mac-O-Lanterns.  Spooky tunes for the iPod.  Video pumpkins to track tonight’s ghouls n’ goblins. High-tech tools designed to keep the kids safe. A spider-bot pumpkin to dispense candy.  Your own El Jobso pumpkin.

Warren Zevon’s classic “Werewolves of London” goes into heavy rotation once a year, and you’ll find it on this Halloween playlist for your iPod. This link opens iTunes. (iTunes)

Here’s a template to carve your pumpkin in the likeness of Dear Leader.  (Joy Of Tech)

iJustine’s dressed up as..what?  Little Bo Peep?  (Tasty Blog Snack)

Blogger Amanda doesn’t know what she wants to dress as.  (Sometimes Daily)

Top ten most haunted cities in the United States. (Link c/o Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter feed.) (Toptenz

Gadgets to detect ghosts.  (Gizmodo)

Yahoo! has a special Halloween page up. (Yahoo! Events)

Click or treat- Google’s Halloween doodle morphs into a variety of shapes. (Google.com)

Get ready for Trick or Treat with these iPhone apps. (Huffington Post)

High-tech tools to keep the kids safe tonight. (WDEF.com) (CBS2 Chicago)

Techy gizmos for Halloween. (CNN)

How to make a surveillance pumpkin. (Popular Mechanics)

If you’re staying in tonight, YouTube’s got quite a menu for you. (YouTube)

From the archives, we found an iPumpkin (Gizmodo) and Mac-O-Lanterns. (Bad Banana)

If this crawled up to me on a darkened porch, I’d head for the hills. (Gizmodo)

Halloween costumes for tech-obsessed dogs. Honest. (Dvice.com)

Searches for “adult Care Bear costumes” are, um, hot. (CNET News)

Ghostbuster “Proton Pack” uses real lasers.  Who ya’ gonna call? (Gizmodo)

You can guess what these frigtards are going out as. Mom must be proud.  (YouTube)

Scary new tech fears to haunt your Halloween.  (Computerworld)

Twitter “Tricks & Tweets” for Halloween.  (TechCrunch)

Maniac pumpkin carvers create custom Jack-O’-Lanterns.  (Wired)

Top Halloween tunes to freak out your eardrums.  (Wired)

Google’s giant Android goes with the pirate look.  Arrrr.  (Venture Beat)

Finally, a live webcam view from Germany of the biggest pumpkin you’ve ever seen.  Ever.  (Webcams.travel)