Friday’s FSJ News Wrap

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to. From the FSJ News Center: Mission Viejo becomes one with the Borg. Judge rules in favor of Facebook in spam case. Sprint loses almost half a billion. Halloween’s on deck, and Google, as usual, knows what we’re searching for.  The iPhone comes to China.

New iMacs bothered by choppy flash video playback? (CNET News)

Apple advertising guru Lee Clow says he isn’t going anywhere.  (All Things Digital)

Google’s known for their quirky hiring process. How’s that workin’ out so far? (SF Gate Tech Chronicles)

Spam case results in favorable decision for Facebook. (Inside Facebook)

The Borg assimilates Mission Viejo, California.  (OC Register)

Sprint says fewer customers are jumping ship. (NY Times)

Microsoft tortures kids with the Bing jingle. (A…”Bingle?”) Rumors of a Geneva Convention violation swirl. (TechCrunch)

Scott Adams ponders the problems of privacy.  (Dilbert Blog)

Have a ghooooulish Googleween tomorrow night. (Google Blog)

Take a spin through the new Google Kirkland facility. Geek heaven. (TechFlash)

Beijing, we have liftoff.  The iPhone is yours.  (iPhonAsia)

Yahoo! has plans for a new HQ in Santa Clara- is that a bad omen? (Valleywag)

How would you like law enforcement to search your Gmail account? (Without telling you.) (WSJ Law Blog)

Has the ship sailed for MapQuest? (NY Times)