Friday’s FSJ News Wrap

We read the blogs, so you don’t have to.  From the FSJ News Center:  New Mac/PC ads for Windows 7.  Apple’s huge banner in Boston breaks rules, but that’s OK.’s GM pulls an El Jobso. Icahn says adiĆ³s to Yahoo! board.

Carl Icahn departs the Yahoo! board. (Business Insider)

Pepsi pulls plug on controversial iPhone app. (ABC

Not gonna even try to re-write this headline. “Why Steve Jobs Could Be A Savior For Media Companies.” Could be? (All Things D)

Sergey wishes Yahoo! had hung in there with search. (Why? So he could beat them up more?) (WSJ)

Believe it or not..there are a few people that don’t own cell phones.  Must be a cult.  (New York Times)

You think Mac and PC were gonna ignore the Win7 launch?  Think again. This time, it’s gonna be different.  (

Keeping with Win7 for a minute- it’s a big story, admit it- here’s the new OS launched on a..MacBook Pro, on The Today Show.  (CrunchGear)  Plus, here’s a list of what you won’t get in Win7. (

More commercial news- this time with  Michael Arrington believes their new spots are endangering baby seals.  Like this?  (TechCrunch)  Meanwhile, Ask tweets denial. (Twitter) gets facelift, looks like “iTunes for news.”  Money quote: “KC Estenson, the general manager took the stage. He looked somewhat like Steve Jobs in a dark sweater, jeans and wireless microphone.” (WSJ)  Facebook updates as well. (

Apple gets to keep it’s massive iPod banner, despite the rules.  (

Some WSJ guy goes after Marissa at the Web 2.0 Summit.  Have the speakers turned up, and listen for The Laugh at about 8 seconds into the clip.  (YouTube)  More here. (Valleywag)

Also at Web 2.0, current AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says they’re working on something “big and secret.”
The world crosses its collective fingers and waits.  (