Corporate users dumping BlackBerry for iPhone

We’re picking up share in the enterprise, and that’s a trend that will only continue and accelerate, according to Henry Blodget’s underlings.

Alley Insider is rolling out a new premium subscription service where they’ll do some kind of actual research, rather than just reading AllThingsD and re-posting Kara Swisher’s items with a 10-minute delay. That’s the good news. Bad news is you’ll have to pay to get this deep insider information. For now it’s free, though, and today they talked to some sales exec at a wireless phone carrier and to “several sources close to the smartphone enterprise market,” whatever that means, and they came away with some really startling info — turns out that crazy old iPhone is really catching on out there. Who knew?

In fact, AI’s incredibly scientific survey of four whole people indicates that we are kicking BlackBerry’s Canadian ass, and not just among goofy-ass kids in sneakers and hoodies. See, now that people are getting a taste of the iPhone, they’re demanding that their bonehead companies let them toss out their CrapBerries and replace them with some luscious Apple goodness.

It’s not just because we’re so cool, either. It’s about the Benjamins. Moving to the iPhone can save a company money:

This is because experienced, sophisticated IT people are needed to manage and maintain the Blackberry enterprise servers and updates or this function is outsourced to a third-party vendor. iPhones, on the other hand, are less resource-intensive, and Appleā€™s active sync can handle most of of the service remotely through Apple. “Tens of thousands of dollars” may not seem like much to a big company, but even the biggest companies are cutting any costs they can these days. The wireless sales exec says one client switched all 400 employees from Blackberry to iPhone for this reason.

I’m so proud of Apple right now. And I’m especially proud of myself. Great job, self. Keep it up. I will, self. Okay, good. Now I’m talking to myself. Must stop. Need sleep. Peace out.