Borg trolls are planting false complaints on our user forum

Check out this forum and look for the fake shit that Borgtarded trolls are planting there:

Cannot install – I’ve never had issues like this with trying to install anything else. My next attempt will be to make a disc image of the installer and try it from there, but this is ridiculous. I’m not about to wipe the machine; I have over 100GB of applications I’d have to reinstall, which typically takes me a few days to do (w/all of the updates & finding serials, etc.).

Problem upgrading – I have seen suggestions about clean installs, restoring, cloning HD then re-installing, etc… I would love to stay with this OS but need it to work, so would a clean install do the trick? If so, how do I do a “clean install”?

Slow after install – Since I upgraded it has been so sluggish. I never had any problems and it was so quick until I upgraded to snow. Has anyone experienced the same problem and does anyone have any answers?

Upgrade causing crashes – The first install the system was freezing up and I couldn’t get the printer to work. Internet was intermittent and slow as was the whole system and couldn’t get my media player to work. Then the system hung up at the log in screen and went into a loop back to the log in screen effectively making my PC inoperable.

Worst Upgrade Ever! – “The Installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the manufacturer for assistance.”….. and now its empty with no OS…

Installed and now EVERY app is crashing – EVERY TIME I try to attach a file, Mail crashes. This is so awful. I am having problems with EVERY application I open. Firefox crashes when I try to download a file. Adobe Indesign CS3 crashes when I try to re-link or even place an image. Adobe Acrobat crashes when I try to make a multi page pdf, etc, etc… Makes me wonder if they tested this upgrade on any computers at all. When do we get an update – or do I have to un-install and go back?

Seriously, Borg, do you have no shame? Everyone knows there are NO problems with the upgrade to Snow Leopard. It’s been the most successful software upgrade ever. No glitches. No hiccups. Put in the disk, and everything just works. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.