And somewhere Sarah Palin is laughing her evil laugh

For what it’s worth, Larry is convinced that somehow this is Republican dirty tricks operatives getting payback for all those jokes about Palin, especially the one about the daughter getting pregnant.

In case you haven’t heard, David Letterman had to shame himself on his show last night and admit that someone had tried to extort him over some affairs he’s had with staffers, presumably while he was married or at least involved with the woman who is now his wife. No word on whether any of the staffers were 14 years old, but no doubt the Palin Brigades will be back outside Letterman’s studio with their Dirty Ole Man signs, calling for his resignation.

Letterman helped the cops bust the extortionist by giving the guy a phony check for $2 million and setting him up. Larry says he sympathizes because people used to pull this shit on him all the time — until, oddly enough, one of them ingested some poison and died. Then the attempts just stopped. Funny that.

Larry also believes this is a GOP plot. Enemies of Palin beware! The Queen of Darkness has assembled a team of Very Bad Men and they will stop at nothing in their quest to take over the country and force us all to believe in Jesus and stop teaching evolution.

Next target: Bill Maher, who may not have raped and murdered a young girl in 1990.

Oh, and here is video of Letterman’s moment of shame: