20 guesses about what the tablet will look like

Each one is more wrong than the others. But hey, it’s a great way for Silicon Alley Insider to gin up page views. To save you the effort of looking at all of them, I’ve picked up a handful that are worth noting.

Seriously, do not bother clicking through that whole slideshow. Most of them are so awful that I don’t think Dell would make them. But here are a few worth checking out, if only for a good laugh:

Number one is the one they think is the best candidate. It’s awful, but whatever. That’s why they’re working as journalists instead of doing something productive with their lives.

Number two has a whale on it, and just one button, so that’s cool. But is it even close? Um, no.

Number seventeen was actually made at Microsoft, I’m pretty sure.

Number six is like, hey, the Nineties called, they want their computer back. Ditto for number nineteen.

Number five is Michael Arrington’s CrunchPad, I think.

The cool thing is, who cares whether they even get close? Just the fact that they’re dreaming up stupid mockups means our mind control programming is working. More on that in a later post.