Palm gives up on iTunes synchronization

John Paczkowski at AllThingsD notes that the latest OS release from Palm is missing something — the ability to hack into iTunes and pretend that a Pre is actually an Apple device. JP says either Palm couldn’t figure out how to keep hacking us, or they got scared after the USB police bitch-slapped them.  Actually, it’s neither.

Truth is, Palm knew all along that they were in the wrong. Ruby talked to me about it, and told me they were going to do it, and I told him we’d block them and that eventually he’d have to drop it, and he was like, Yeah, so? See, with Palm it’s all about the buzz. It’s kind of sad, really. Because all those people worked at Apple, and all the learned, during all that time, was that “Apple is really good at marketing.” We are, but good marketing only works if you have good products. Must run — Katie is here with my chocolate milk shake. You can’t imagine how many of these goddamn things I have to eat every day. I’m living Peter Oppenheimer’s dream here.