Oh snap! Tattletale Palm gets bitch-slapped for snitching

Remember when Palm thought they were all clever by hacking into iTunes so that iTunes would think a Pre was an Apple device? And we blocked them? And they went running off to some USB industry association with a complaint about us stifling competiton? Well, it backfired on them.

That’s right. The USB police have ruled that a) Apple did nothing wrong when it blocked Palm’s hacker attack on iTunes; and b) Palm, in fact, did something wrong by using our vendor ID to hack into our software. Yay! John Paczkowski of AllThingsD has the whole story and can barely contain his glee. Yes, Palm, the hacks are laughing at you. Laughing at your smack talk, and bluster, and your lame attempts to be as cool as Apple, at your weird efforts to turn Ruby into Steve Jr. — yes the hacks are laughing, and so is Katie, who just sent me the link to Paczkowski’s article in an email that said only this: Mwahahahahahaha…

Oh Palm, I warned you about this when you started stealing our employees. I warned you that I would not only kill you, but I would take pleasure in it, and delight in it, like some nutcase Bond villain putting people into a tank full of piranha. Yes, I’m enjoying watching you flail and fail. Yes! I’m loving every minute of it. Sooner or later your Pre unit sales number is going to leak out, and then we will all be laughing again. Yes! Like this! Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaa!