More raves for Snow Leopard

The Boston Globe loves it:

Installing Snow Leopard is supposed to be a breeze, but it wasn’t for me. The software informed me that I must first repartition my hard drive, which means deleting all files and programs. This shouldn’t happen on a Mac unless the drive has been repartitioned after purchase – exactly what had happened to the test machine. So the problem wasn’t Apple’s fault.

That’s right, fucker. It’s not our fault. It’s yours. Thanks for admitting your mistake. Apology accepted.

With Snow Leopard safely aboard, it was time to hunt for significant improvements. I almost needed a bloodhound; Snow Leopard’s most appealing tweaks are nonobvious, but delightful once you find them.

Okay. Deep breath. We’re not crazy about the language here. One problem is the word “tweaks” — we explicitly instructed reviewers not to use that word, and to refer instead to “massive improvements” and/or “radically compelling, dazzling new features.” We’re also not crazy about the word “nonobvious,” and had given reviewers a list of adjectives that we preferred, such as “subtle,” “profound,” and “deeply meaningful.”

Globe man also mentions that the upgrade broke some of his software — another thing we explicitly instructed reviewers not to mention. So the guy went rogue on us. But he at least uses our talking point about how this two-year project has delivered loads of huge, substantial changes and that these changes are, indeed, actually there, but you just can’t see them. As Globe man concludes:

Snow Leopard is a major overhaul of the Mac’s software architecture, with a dash of eye candy thrown in.

Yes indeed. A major overhaul. We could not have said it better ourselves. Well, we could. We did, in fact. But anyway.